So my hair grows super fast, hence I have to get a lot of haircuts. However, the game changed Wednesday. I finally decided to splurge and go to my friend Belle at Belle’s Beauty Box. Holy F*ck was that the best decision I have made in a while.IMG_0941

I Uber over to SOLA Salons and walk in. SOLA Salons is this dope spot where there are spacious one room suites. It is pretty legit. So I sit down in her chair and let her go to work. There is a certain aura around people that have mastered their craft. A quiet passion waiting to be unleashed. Belle is one of these people.

Before cutting my hair, she gave me one of the best head rubs on the planet while shampooing and conditioning my hair (my favorite part of getting a fancy haircut). Finally after I come out of my euphoric haze, she offers some suggestions on stepping up my eyebrow game. I have had a uni-brow since I can remember. Usually, I just give it the ol’ shavearuski, but not anymore.Belle waxed my eyebrows and nostrils. I know, sounds super weird, but you haven’t taken a real breath until you have had your nostrils waxed.

Now thatIMG_1051 I am flying the friendly skies with my eyebrows on fleek and my nose clear as a new soap dispenser I am ready for my haircut (you know the reason I came to Belle). My haircut was a supreme masterpiece. Within 15 minutes, I went from having a out of control fro to a perfectly manicured mane. Not only do I feel more confident, I have never had such a strong eyebrow game. Life is good 🙂

If you are in or around Austin and looking for the best haircut money can buy I highly recommend Belle’s Beauty Box. The service, space and end product is truly world class. She does makeup and woman’s hair as well, but I can’t really speak to that seeing I am not a woman. However, I can definitively say this is the best haircut and experience in Austin.

If you want to schedule a cut or talk to Belle about her services give her a buzz at 323-657-7699 you won’t regret it.

P.S. I take the worst selfies…sorry