Today I awoke with all the excitement in the world. Another wonderful day in Austin. After my morning stretching routine and meditation, I ate breakfast and all was well in the world. Until I arrived at my favorite restaurant/work place, Thai Fresh. If you haven’t been here I highly recommend it is a great spot and with legit food. However, everything has changed…EVERYTHING.

One of the biggest reasons I loved Thai Fresh was because of the seating and ordering system. It was controlled chaos. You would walk up and wait in line to place your order. After placing your order and getting any drinks you ordered you would go seat yourself, bring your number with you and when your food was done it was brought to your table. Totally legit and the amount of stand in line and be awkward time was at the bare minimum. So I can roll up, park and lock the bike, order a thai coffee and go sit down and start jamming in Xcode in minimal time. If it takes them 20-30 minutes to make my food (a lot of times it takes 20+min), no worries. I am working and I have a beverage. Life is good.

However in the new setup, you have to wait in line to sit down, which I absolutely despise. I don’t mind waiting in line once and being done with it, but to have to get to the restaurant and have to wait in line and then wait for a server…Arrggghh it makes my head explode.

At this point you might be saying, if it bothers you that much why don’t you just go somewhere else. Well, fair point, but Thai Fresh is too good to let go without a fight. I usually just get some Thai Coffee from there, but if I need to grab some grub it is super healthy and delicious. Pad Thai with beef for the win!

However, during my anguish of being waited on at Thai Fresh, I devised a way around this horrible change. My brilliant plan? Order to go and then just eat at the restaurant. The obstacle is the way (which is a powerful ideal and phenomenal book, check it out).

You also might be saying,”but Rabah it is to pay employees better.” Very cool. I dig that, but without happy customers, happy employees are irrelevant. They now include tipping in the bill and I paid less than I normally do when they had gratuity. Obviously, some people pay less or nothing at all, which is sort of their point. So I offer an alternate solution, Thai Fresh just has some “please wait to be seated” areas and the other areas you can opt in to paying the higher prices, but just be able to sit and order like it used to be, a nostalgia tax if you will.

If not I am hoping my clever to go plan will work or else I might have to seriously consider how in the hell I am going to cope with this loss. The loss of not only my favorite coffee shop, but my #1. Thai Fresh is like my Cheers and to see it fall so far from what I used to love is perturbing.