Before I jump into the good stuff, I just wanted to give some love to Echo who turned me onto this sweet site called, Kale and Cigarettes. The 500 words in 30 Days reinvigorated me to start writing again. So thanks Kirk for the inspiration, much appreciated brother!


Day 1 – Almost 500…Write Everyday

The more I dive down the rabbit hole the more I discover. I am starting to think writing everyday might have the same paradigm shifting impact that removing television had on my life. I find a lot of value in accurate self-reflection, but the problem is I suck at it. I don’t know why, but when I write I can’t bullshit. I am like Jim Carrey on Liar Liar.

With that being said I am exposing a lot of feelings (yes I used the f’ word if you don’t like it fuck off), thoughts, and fallacies that I held as unquestionable…until I started writing everyday. It is like the comment card system has finally been made anonymous. When I write I can only report the truth, not alter or disguise it.

If done proper, the writing makes you take a stand, explain a situation, reveal some if not all of your philosophical frameworks. Writing allows me to cut through the bullshit and provokes deep thought into why I hold certain theories or ideologies and why I don’t hold others.

Morale of this story is write every day. I am not a big proponent of prescriptive advice, but in this case I think Nicholas Nassim Taleb (he is one of my role models) will forgive me. Write at least a paragraph a day with no rigid requirements.

The resistance loves rigid structure and can fabricate some incredibly convincing arguments if you give it the fuel. Fuck that. Just write a paragraph a day because the best way to have good ideas is to start having bad ones (thank Seth Godin, who is also a role model, for that one).

I am excited to move up to a higher level of life and consciousness. The more I keep beating on the door the more the Universe is compelled to answer.

Remember self-mastery doesn’t start by becoming a master it starts with mastering one’s self. Start small, reduce until you need or want expansion. Complexity is the resistance’s best friend…and we want to kill the resistance. Explore more, hug more, kiss more, love more and realize we are all on this crazy ride we call life. Cherish it, but more importantly don’t waste it!

I have a lot of exciting developments ahead, and I need to stay focused and foolish at the same time. I need to try things, make mistakes and keep pursuing this journey of a higher truth. I have started to scratch the surface, but only the surface. I will keep probing deeper until I can illuminate the questions I have about happiness and the source of it. However, until then it is time for rock climbing, dancing and Thai Fresh.

I will change the world, by changing my world. I will not let the resistance win. BRING ME GIANTS!