Early this month I had decided after much debate I would be leaving MOG for greener pastures unknown, maybe Spotify, but Rdio is really impressing me (plus Federico Vittic uses it) . Complicating the decision even more, Google Music just threw its hat into the ring as a legitimate option for an iOS user. I am going to make my decision soon and we’ll update with what I decide, but for now lets reflect back on my years as a faithful MOG user.

I can’t pinpoint the date when I first found out about MOG, probably on some TWiT show or random podcast. Once I checked it out I really liked it, and the kicker was they also had an iPad app (there were the only one at the time). Spotify was just starting to make waves on the scene and there wasn’t really any true streaming music service incumbent (Now I would argue Spotify and Rdio are incumbents).


I was a huge advocate to friends and people I met about the service. It was kind of the Ron Paul of music services. No one knew about it, but once you heard the skinny on it you were intrigued and excited to tell other people. However, one of the worst, I mean worst aspects of MOG was the feeble attempt at a non-existent absolutely cringe-worthy smattering they called social. The basics abilities to share a playlist with a friend on MOG required a CS degree and some ridiculous python script that you had to pay someone from Elance to write. It was TERRIBLE. As an example of how terrible the social experience was on MOG, a few friends and I committed a horrible atrocity under the guise of the ends justify the means, we started a Facebook group.

All the network issues, and lack of a basic social experience aside, MOG was a great way to consume music. I still touted MOG to friends. I considered it the gold standard (RP Pun) of streaming services. Plus, I am totally fine with access instead of ownership. I don’t really have an epic iTunes library (I hate iTunes)so Spotify really didn’t intrigue me and I didn’t want the mental overhead of properly maintaining a library.

I was happy with MOG for a while…and then it happened…nothing happened. As I kept reading about all the cool new features in Spotify and Rdio, my demeanor changed from patient to expectant. I was at a crossroads because I have a lot of playlists I put a lot of time into making on MOG that I will have to manually transfer. It was easier for me to persist in the delusion that MOG was working on new “updates”, then deal with the reality of transferring my playlists.


Well it never happened and now I am stuck searching for another music service, while the horror of manually transferring all my playlists looms over me. I never should have left Pandora…

P.S. Here are my MOG Playlists if you are interested.

Note: MOG will be shutting down April 15 and billing will stop in March. All MOG users will be offered a BEATS Music 1-Mo Free Trial. BEATS acquired MOG in 2012. You can get more of the deets at this TechCrunch article.

What do you guys use to listen to music? What is your favorite streaming service? Let me know in the comments below.