Instagram is awesome, really awesome, but now that you can upload video (up to 15 seconds) the artistic economics have become slightly more complex. Before the mental overhead was minimal, take a “gram” worthy picture, choose an epic filter and decide whether to frame or not. Now with the introduction of video, the creation economics become video or photo.

So what happens if you think the story could be told best with a photo and a video? That is where PicPlayPost comes in 🙂 PicPlayPost allows users to create aggregate artworks with any consortium of videos and photos. PicPlayPost is most likely the app used when you see those awesome video/photo hybrid grams.

It is the best $1.99 I have spent in a while. Furthermore, you can use it as a picture only collage app as well, which is pretty legit. Lastly, you can create artworks up to 10 minutes long! The 15 second limit is Instagram’s limitation not PicPlayPost’s.

Download PicPlayPost by clicking here •  .


What video collages apps do you use? Is PicPlayPost your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

Some more examples of PicPlayPost in action: