I usually try and write about firsts on here, like my first time at ACL or my first Crossfit Competition, but I have been to the Hope Outdoor Gallery once before. Nevertheless, my second trip to the park did not disappoint.

The Hope Outdoor Gallery was originally a foundation for condos [Hat Tip – Peter Tsai] that couldn’t be built because of foundation issues. It is 4 -6 stories of half built concrete slabs and rebar on the side of a hill on the outskirts of downtown Austin. When you walk up to HOPE you are bombarded by a smorgasbord of colors, shapes, ideas and concrete all mixed together to make a beautifully chaotic backdrop. It’s awesome!

Overall, I was happy about how a couple shots turned out and definitely encourage any photographers in the Austin area to check this place out. Word of warning it is kind of “unkept” so watch where you are walking. There are a lot of neat angles and shots at HOPE and a great view of Austin’s skyline from the top level. Furthermore, new pieces are always being done over old pieces, so each trip is always unique 🙂 I throughly enjoyed my trek into the concrete jungle and HOPE to return again (I couldn’t help myself).

What shots are you favorite? Have you been to HOPE before? Are there other street art spots in Austin? Did you even know Castle Hill Graffiti Park was called HOPE Outdoor Gallery before this? Leave some love in the comments.

Check out all my shots here

P.S. I couldn’t write a post on street art and not give a shout out to my man Vapor who created a dope piece for me as a birthday present! Get Hype James!