I have been a long time believer in certain communication mediums are more efficient and effective in certain situations. Take for example a friend trying to communicate to another friend at a music festival.

Sidenote: I know it is impossible to send texts or call people at most music festivals, including Austin’s epic music festival, ACL, but bear with me. 🙂

Sending an audio message or trying to call someone in a high noise situation is absolutely pointless because they can’t hear. However, sending a text message or a picture would be incredibly effective and efficient.

Now take the converse situation. You are driving home after surviving the Rapture workout and are trying to make plans with a friend for drinks and dinner. Yes, this easily could be done over text (not in some states) or even a phone call (eww, gross), but it is much easier to send little voice snippets back and forth. Bottom line I can talk faster than I can text. 😉

Voxer is the easiest way to communicate on an iPhone. Hands down bar none!

It just so happens there is an app called Voxer that gives you the ability to use your iPhone like a walkie talkie, as well as text or send pics (no movies at this time) to friends or groups of friends.

Voxer is free to download and is cross platform so Android friends can join the party as well! You can download the iPhone App here.

P.S. You will need a Voxer account, which is free and you can sign up from the app. You just need an email address, which means you can use Voxer on your any iOS device, including devices without data plans!

What do you think of Voxer? Do you think it is better than Whatsapp or Heytell? Do you like sharing voice memo’s or strictly text?