I recently came across this interesting device called a Obi 110. What this awesome device does is allow you to use your home phones with a Google Voice number, which is free 🙂 Step by Step Guide after the break.

Google Voice is sensational. It allows you to sign up for any available number in the U.S. and link up to six devices to that “top level” number. Furthermore, you can setup a voicemail box complete with transcriptions and text messaging. All for free! Check out the video below explaining all the capabilities of Google Voice.

Ok now that you have setup your Google Voice account you need one of these Obihai Obi’s – I use the Obi 110.

Thats it. Now just check out the video and you will be able to use your newly minted free Google Voice number with your home phones. If you have any questions or get hung up on anything here is a great step by step setup for Obi 110. My phone isn’t next to my router so I use this – Linksys Powerline AV 4-Port Network Adapter Kit (PLSK400).